[][src]Trait frame_support::traits::Get

pub trait Get<T> {
    pub fn get() -> T;

A trait for querying a single value from a type.

It is not required that the value is constant.

Required methods

pub fn get() -> T[src]

Return the current value.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T: Default> Get<T> for ()[src]

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impl<I: From<RuntimeDbWeight>> Get<I> for ParityDbWeight[src]

impl<I: From<RuntimeDbWeight>> Get<I> for RocksDbWeight[src]

impl<I: From<Weight>> Get<I> for BlockExecutionWeight[src]

impl<I: From<Weight>> Get<I> for ExtrinsicBaseWeight[src]

impl<T: Default> Get<T> for GetDefault[src]

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