[][src]Trait trie_db::TrieLayout

pub trait TrieLayout {
    type Hash: Hasher;
    type Codec: NodeCodec<HashOut = <Self::Hash as Hasher>::Out>;

    const USE_EXTENSION: bool;
    const ALLOW_EMPTY: bool;

Trait with definition of trie layout. Contains all associated trait needed for a trie definition or implementation.

Associated Types

type Hash: Hasher

Hasher to use for this trie.

type Codec: NodeCodec<HashOut = <Self::Hash as Hasher>::Out>

Codec to use (needs to match hasher and nibble ops).

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Associated Constants

const USE_EXTENSION: bool

If true, the trie will use extension nodes and no partial in branch, if false the trie will only use branch and node with partials in both.

const ALLOW_EMPTY: bool

If true, the trie will allow empty values into TrieDBMut

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