[][src]Trait sp_runtime_interface::pass_by::PassBy

pub trait PassBy: Sized {
    type PassBy: PassByImpl<Self>;

Something that should be passed between wasm and the host using the given strategy.

See Codec, Inner or Enum for more information about the provided strategies.

Associated Types

type PassBy: PassByImpl<Self>

The strategy that should be used to pass the type.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T: Codec, E: Codec> PassBy for Result<T, E>[src]

type PassBy = Codec<Self>

impl<T: Codec> PassBy for Option<T>[src]

type PassBy = Codec<Self>

impl PassBy for (u32, u32, u32, u32)[src]

type PassBy = Codec<Self>

impl PassBy for H160[src]

type PassBy = Inner<Self, [u8; 20]>

impl PassBy for H256[src]

type PassBy = Inner<Self, [u8; 32]>

impl PassBy for H512[src]

type PassBy = Inner<Self, [u8; 64]>

impl PassBy for ValueType[src]

type PassBy = Enum<ValueType>

impl PassBy for Value[src]

type PassBy = Codec<Value>

impl PassBy for TrackedStorageKey[src]

type PassBy = Codec<Self>

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