[][src]Trait sc_service::InPoolTransaction

pub trait InPoolTransaction {
    type Transaction;
    type Hash;
    fn data(&self) -> &Self::Transaction;
fn hash(&self) -> &Self::Hash;
fn priority(&self) -> &u64;
fn longevity(&self) -> &u64;
fn requires(&self) -> &[Vec<u8>];
fn provides(&self) -> &[Vec<u8>];
fn is_propagable(&self) -> bool; }

In-pool transaction interface.

The pool is container of transactions that are implementing this trait. See sp_runtime::ValidTransaction for details about every field.

Associated Types

type Transaction

Transaction type.

type Hash

Transaction hash type.

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Required methods

fn data(&self) -> &Self::Transaction

Get the reference to the transaction data.

fn hash(&self) -> &Self::Hash

Get hash of the transaction.

fn priority(&self) -> &u64

Get priority of the transaction.

fn longevity(&self) -> &u64

Get longevity of the transaction.

fn requires(&self) -> &[Vec<u8>]

Get transaction dependencies.

fn provides(&self) -> &[Vec<u8>]

Get tags that transaction provides.

fn is_propagable(&self) -> bool

Return a flag indicating if the transaction should be propagated to other peers.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<Hash, Extrinsic> InPoolTransaction for Transaction<Hash, Extrinsic>[src]

type Transaction = Extrinsic

type Hash = Hash

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