[][src]Trait pallet_transaction_payment::Trait

pub trait Trait: Trait {
    type Currency: Currency<Self::AccountId> + Send + Sync;
    type OnTransactionPayment: OnUnbalanced<<Self::Currency as Currency<Self::AccountId>>::NegativeImbalance>;
    type TransactionByteFee: Get<<Self::Currency as Currency<Self::AccountId>>::Balance>;
    type WeightToFee: WeightToFeePolynomial<Balance = <Self::Currency as Currency<Self::AccountId>>::Balance>;
    type FeeMultiplierUpdate: MultiplierUpdate;

Associated Types

type Currency: Currency<Self::AccountId> + Send + Sync

The currency type in which fees will be paid.

type OnTransactionPayment: OnUnbalanced<<Self::Currency as Currency<Self::AccountId>>::NegativeImbalance>

Handler for the unbalanced reduction when taking transaction fees. This is either one or two separate imbalances, the first is the transaction fee paid, the second is the tip paid, if any.

type TransactionByteFee: Get<<Self::Currency as Currency<Self::AccountId>>::Balance>

The fee to be paid for making a transaction; the per-byte portion.

type WeightToFee: WeightToFeePolynomial<Balance = <Self::Currency as Currency<Self::AccountId>>::Balance>

Convert a weight value into a deductible fee based on the currency type.

type FeeMultiplierUpdate: MultiplierUpdate

Update the multiplier of the next block, based on the previous block's weight.

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