[][src]Struct pallet_contracts::Schedule

pub struct Schedule {
    pub version: u32,
    pub put_code_per_byte_cost: Gas,
    pub grow_mem_cost: Gas,
    pub regular_op_cost: Gas,
    pub return_data_per_byte_cost: Gas,
    pub event_data_per_byte_cost: Gas,
    pub event_per_topic_cost: Gas,
    pub event_base_cost: Gas,
    pub call_base_cost: Gas,
    pub instantiate_base_cost: Gas,
    pub dispatch_base_cost: Gas,
    pub sandbox_data_read_cost: Gas,
    pub sandbox_data_write_cost: Gas,
    pub transfer_cost: Gas,
    pub instantiate_cost: Gas,
    pub max_event_topics: u32,
    pub max_stack_height: u32,
    pub max_memory_pages: u32,
    pub max_table_size: u32,
    pub enable_println: bool,
    pub max_subject_len: u32,
    pub max_code_size: u32,

Definition of the cost schedule and other parameterizations for wasm vm.


version: u32

Version of the schedule.

put_code_per_byte_cost: Gas

Cost of putting a byte of code into storage.

grow_mem_cost: Gas

Gas cost of a growing memory by single page.

regular_op_cost: Gas

Gas cost of a regular operation.

return_data_per_byte_cost: Gas

Gas cost per one byte returned.

event_data_per_byte_cost: Gas

Gas cost to deposit an event; the per-byte portion.

event_per_topic_cost: Gas

Gas cost to deposit an event; the cost per topic.

event_base_cost: Gas

Gas cost to deposit an event; the base.

call_base_cost: Gas

Base gas cost to call into a contract.

instantiate_base_cost: Gas

Base gas cost to instantiate a contract.

dispatch_base_cost: Gas

Base gas cost to dispatch a runtime call.

sandbox_data_read_cost: Gas

Gas cost per one byte read from the sandbox memory.

sandbox_data_write_cost: Gas

Gas cost per one byte written to the sandbox memory.

transfer_cost: Gas

Cost for a simple balance transfer.

instantiate_cost: Gas

Cost for instantiating a new contract.

max_event_topics: u32

The maximum number of topics supported by an event.

max_stack_height: u32

Maximum allowed stack height.

See https://wiki.parity.io/WebAssembly-StackHeight to find out how the stack frame cost is calculated.

max_memory_pages: u32

Maximum number of memory pages allowed for a contract.

max_table_size: u32

Maximum allowed size of a declared table.

enable_println: bool

Whether the seal_println function is allowed to be used contracts. MUST only be enabled for dev chains, NOT for production chains

max_subject_len: u32

The maximum length of a subject used for PRNG generation.

max_code_size: u32

The maximum length of a contract code in bytes. This limit applies to the uninstrumented

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Schedule[src]

impl Debug for Schedule[src]

impl Decode for Schedule[src]

impl Default for Schedule[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for Schedule[src]

impl Encode for Schedule[src]

impl EncodeLike<Schedule> for Schedule[src]

impl Eq for Schedule[src]

impl PartialEq<Schedule> for Schedule[src]

impl Serialize for Schedule[src]

impl StructuralEq for Schedule[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for Schedule[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Schedule

impl Send for Schedule

impl Sync for Schedule

impl Unpin for Schedule

impl UnwindSafe for Schedule

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