Struct sc_service::config::Configuration[][src]

pub struct Configuration {
Show fields pub impl_name: String, pub impl_version: String, pub role: Role, pub task_executor: TaskExecutor, pub transaction_pool: TransactionPoolOptions, pub network: NetworkConfiguration, pub keystore: KeystoreConfig, pub keystore_remote: Option<String>, pub database: DatabaseConfig, pub state_cache_size: usize, pub state_cache_child_ratio: Option<usize>, pub state_pruning: PruningMode, pub keep_blocks: KeepBlocks, pub transaction_storage: TransactionStorageMode, pub chain_spec: Box<dyn ChainSpec>, pub wasm_method: WasmExecutionMethod, pub wasm_runtime_overrides: Option<PathBuf>, pub execution_strategies: ExecutionStrategies, pub rpc_http: Option<SocketAddr>, pub rpc_ws: Option<SocketAddr>, pub rpc_ipc: Option<String>, pub rpc_ws_max_connections: Option<usize>, pub rpc_http_threads: Option<usize>, pub rpc_cors: Option<Vec<String>>, pub rpc_methods: RpcMethods, pub rpc_max_payload: Option<usize>, pub prometheus_config: Option<PrometheusConfig>, pub telemetry_endpoints: Option<TelemetryEndpoints>, pub telemetry_external_transport: Option<ExtTransport>, pub default_heap_pages: Option<u64>, pub offchain_worker: OffchainWorkerConfig, pub force_authoring: bool, pub disable_grandpa: bool, pub dev_key_seed: Option<String>, pub tracing_targets: Option<String>, pub disable_log_reloading: bool, pub tracing_receiver: TracingReceiver, pub max_runtime_instances: usize, pub announce_block: bool, pub base_path: Option<BasePath>, pub informant_output_format: OutputFormat,

Service configuration.


impl_name: String

Implementation name

impl_version: String

Implementation version (see sc-cli to see an example of format)

role: Role

Node role.

task_executor: TaskExecutor

How to spawn background tasks. Mandatory, otherwise creating a Service will error.

transaction_pool: TransactionPoolOptions

Extrinsic pool configuration.

network: NetworkConfiguration

Network configuration.

keystore: KeystoreConfig

Configuration for the keystore.

keystore_remote: Option<String>

Remote URI to connect to for async keystore support

database: DatabaseConfig

Configuration for the database.

state_cache_size: usize

Size of internal state cache in Bytes

state_cache_child_ratio: Option<usize>

Size in percent of cache size dedicated to child tries

state_pruning: PruningMode

State pruning settings.

keep_blocks: KeepBlocks

Number of blocks to keep in the db.

transaction_storage: TransactionStorageMode

Transaction storage scheme.

chain_spec: Box<dyn ChainSpec>

Chain configuration.

wasm_method: WasmExecutionMethod

Wasm execution method.

wasm_runtime_overrides: Option<PathBuf>

Directory where local WASM runtimes live. These runtimes take precedence over on-chain runtimes when the spec version matches. Set to None to disable overrides (default).

execution_strategies: ExecutionStrategies

Execution strategies.

rpc_http: Option<SocketAddr>

RPC over HTTP binding address. None if disabled.

rpc_ws: Option<SocketAddr>

RPC over Websockets binding address. None if disabled.

rpc_ipc: Option<String>

RPC over IPC binding path. None if disabled.

rpc_ws_max_connections: Option<usize>

Maximum number of connections for WebSockets RPC server. None if default.

rpc_http_threads: Option<usize>

Size of the RPC HTTP server thread pool. None if default.

rpc_cors: Option<Vec<String>>

CORS settings for HTTP & WS servers. None if all origins are allowed.

rpc_methods: RpcMethods

RPC methods to expose (by default only a safe subset or all of them).

rpc_max_payload: Option<usize>

Maximum payload of rpc request/responses.

prometheus_config: Option<PrometheusConfig>

Prometheus endpoint configuration. None if disabled.

telemetry_endpoints: Option<TelemetryEndpoints>

Telemetry service URL. None if disabled.

telemetry_external_transport: Option<ExtTransport>

External WASM transport for the telemetry. If Some, when connection to a telemetry endpoint, this transport will be tried in priority before all others.

default_heap_pages: Option<u64>

The default number of 64KB pages to allocate for Wasm execution

offchain_worker: OffchainWorkerConfig

Should offchain workers be executed.

force_authoring: bool

Enable authoring even when offline.

disable_grandpa: bool

Disable GRANDPA when running in validator mode

dev_key_seed: Option<String>

Development key seed.

When running in development mode, the seed will be used to generate authority keys by the keystore.

Should only be set when node is running development mode.

tracing_targets: Option<String>

Tracing targets

disable_log_reloading: bool

Is log filter reloading disabled

tracing_receiver: TracingReceiver

Tracing receiver

max_runtime_instances: usize

The size of the instances cache.

The default value is 8.

announce_block: bool

Announce block automatically after they have been imported

base_path: Option<BasePath>

Base path of the configuration

informant_output_format: OutputFormat

Configuration of the output format that the informant uses.


impl Configuration[src]

pub fn display_role(&self) -> String[src]

Returns a string displaying the node role.

pub fn prometheus_registry(&self) -> Option<&Registry>[src]

Returns the prometheus metrics registry, if available.

pub fn protocol_id(&self) -> ProtocolId[src]

Returns the network protocol id from the chain spec, or the default.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Configuration[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Configuration

impl Send for Configuration

impl Sync for Configuration

impl Unpin for Configuration

impl !UnwindSafe for Configuration

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