Enum sc_service::config::BasePath[][src]

pub enum BasePath {

The base path that is used for everything that needs to be write on disk to run a node.



A temporary directory is used as base path and will be deleted when dropped.


A path on the disk.


impl BasePath[src]

pub fn new_temp_dir() -> Result<BasePath>[src]

Create a BasePath instance using a temporary directory prefixed with “substrate” and use it as base path.

Note: the temporary directory will be created automatically and deleted when the BasePath instance is dropped.

pub fn new<P: AsRef<Path>>(path: P) -> BasePath[src]

Create a BasePath instance based on an existing path on disk.

Note: this function will not ensure that the directory exist nor create the directory. It will also not delete the directory when the instance is dropped.

pub fn from_project(
    qualifier: &str,
    organization: &str,
    application: &str
) -> BasePath

Create a base path from values describing the project.

pub fn path(&self) -> &Path[src]

Retrieve the base path.

pub fn config_dir(&self, chain_id: &str) -> PathBuf[src]

Returns the configuration directory inside this base path.

The path looks like $base_path/chains/$chain_id

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for BasePath[src]

impl From<PathBuf> for BasePath[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for BasePath

impl Send for BasePath

impl Sync for BasePath

impl Unpin for BasePath

impl UnwindSafe for BasePath

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