Substrate Recipes 🍴😋🍴

Substrate Recipes is a collection of simple code patterns that demonstrate best practices when building blockchains with Substrate. The repo used to build this book is open source and open for contributions.

What is Substrate?

Substrate is a framework for building blockchains. To learn more about Substrate, see the official documentation. For a high level overview, see the following blog posts:

How to Use This Book

Start by cloning the repo on github:

git clone

As you read through the book, practice compiling and testing recipes in recipes/kitchen. You can't learn to code by reading about it -- play with the code in the kitchen, extract patterns, and apply them to a problem that you want to solve!

It is useful to recognize that coding is all about abstraction. To accelerate your progress, I recommend skimming the patterns in this book, composing them into interesting projects, and building your own recipes (and then, pay it forward and PR the repo!).

Reach out for guidance on Stack Overflow or in the Substrate Technical Riot channel.