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Frequently asked questions


Do I have to have signed up first?

No. You can do that any time before Nov 1st. However, we recommend you do it early on to not forget it. You will be able to change your submission.

How can I submit my profile for the front page?

If you want your profile to be shown on the front page, you need to send a PR with the profile data. For that you will need a Github account, then you can:

  1. Go here
  2. click New File, use your profile name as the filename, add .md at the end
  3. copy paste the content from the template into it
  4. edit that to match your information
  5. send by clicking “submit as a new PR”

We will review and merge your PR if all is fine.

How do I claim to be working on an issue or ticket

For any of the bigger issues listed in this repository, please submit a draft-PR tagging the issue number and continue committing or commenting within that PR to show progress. A PR that is stale for more than 10 days might be closed without further warning and the issue is up for grabs again. Once you are ready for review, please switch the draft PR to ready for review and we’ll get right on that.

For any issue posted elsewhere just post a comment asking to be assigned for the task, mentioning either the mentor (if known) or the original author of the ticket in your comment. They will then assign the ticket to you. Here, too, we recommend keeping the mentor/author up to date on what is happening or they might re-assign the ticket later.

Can I create my projects?

Generally, yes. You can just open a ticket on the main repo and outline what you intend to do using one of the existing templates. Please do not yet get started though because we might have clarification questions or want to discuss the proposal before we accept the idea to be legible as a Hacktoberfest contribution. But we promise to get back to you about this within one business day.

Of course, you can also put in further ideas or projects without the intent to work on them yourself. But the creation of proposal by itself is not considered a contribution worthy of the reward.

Of course, the authorship lies with you. PRs are generally under the license specified in the repository at the time of submission. If you don’t want them to release under that license, you simply can’t submit them. For a few of our repositories, you must have signed a CLA - in those cases, a bot will inform and guide you through the system.

For work that you put in your repo or publish on other platforms, we only ask you to put them under any OSI compliant OpenSource License to stay in the spirit of Hacktoberfest. Submissions without a proper OpenSource License will not be accepted.


What is the reward?

This year, we offer this exclusive limited edition gym back with the official design on it:

Gym Bag with Parity Hacktoberfest Design

Please keep in mind that we will only be producing exactly as many as we need, which unfortunately means you have to wait a bit into November before they will reach you. But on the upside this means whenever you see anyone with such a bag, you can be sure, they have been part of the same cohort and made major contributions just like you did!

Why have a separate reward?

In order to claim a reward with the official Hacktoberfest brand, you need to provide proof to have submitted four pull requests on GitHub. While this is a good measurement for most projects, we generally have bigger PRs and thus fewer of them and we’d rather see one contribution of high quality or high impact rather than just splitting them out into multiple PRs to claim these prices. Further more, some contributions, like translations to documentation or writing blog posts explaining the awesome substrate-port you’ve built or a video class or podcast series - for obvious reasons - do not fit neatly into the PRs system, as they are often contributed through other platforms and means.

Thus we decided to offer an additional reward for any significant contribution being done to the parity ecosystem.

What counts as a ‘significant contribution’?

Well, if you want to make sure to receive the reward, either finish any of the projects or submit four PRs for hacktoberfest-tagged issues. On other project ideas or contributions, please speak to us first about what needs to be accomplished to receive a reward for it. That said, we generally like everything that moves forward the substrate ecosystem and growth our understanding, up to failed attempts in PoCs if the final submission allows us to learn why it wasn’t possible.

Can I claim both though?

Yes. If the criteria apply, you are welcome to submit for both, either or neither. Up to you.

Where do I find the signup form?

It is right here. To see how we use your information please see our privacy policy.

How do I claim my sweet, sweet gym bag?

Please submit your profile information for the page and shipping (and other contact information) fill in this form. To see how we use your information please see our privacy policy. We recommend to submit your form first before you even start contributing, so you don’t forget. Among other things the form asks you for your GitHub handle and we will match your contribution to the contact details provided. We will then inform you about the expected shipping dates via E-Mail within the first week of November.

What will happen with my data on the form?

The last question clarifies, how we are allowed to be using that data. You can select that we may only use it for the processing of this event, to also add it to the parity newsletter and further more to use (the social media information) alongside when publicly talking about your contributions. You don’t have to accept either of the last two and if you do not, your data will be expunged 6 months after our last interaction.