Join us for a month of hacking on awesome tech for the next generation of the internet.

Welcome to Hacktoberfest @ Parity


Join us for Hacktoberfest 2019. Hack on substrate, parity-ethereum and related parity technologies, solve issues or take on a bigger challenge pushing the boundaries of the technology that will run the next generation of the internet. Oh, and get exclusive swag on for doing so!

Participate in 3 easy steps

✍️ 1. Sign up

Fill in and submit the signup form to let us know you are taking part. To see how we use your information please see our privacy policy. You can also optionally raise a PR against this repo to include your profile down below. We recommend you also join us on chat either on the substrate gitter, the parity-ethereum gitter or matrix.

💡 2. Select

Pick any four hacktoberfest-tagged issue from any parity or the rust-libp2p repository, or choose one larger project, we have preprepared for you. Post a comment to let the mentors know you intend to work on it.

You can also suggest your own, see the FAQs, how.

⛏️ 3. Hack it

Work on the issue. You can do that by yourself, with the mentor (if available) or join us for any of the real world and remote events we are hosting for Hacktoberfest. Once your work is ready, submit the PR and engage with the reviewers to get it merged.

With your work and the form submitted before Nov 1st, all you have to do is wait for us to confirm your contribution and await your sweet, sweet reward 🎉! More in the FAQs.

Chat with us

Substrate Dev Hub Community on Gitter or Substrate Technical on Matrix

or join us for an event near you (or remotely)

Legend: TITLE - sign up link; 📆 - ical event

For further questions regarding the process, how to claim the reward and also other ways and places to get help, please consult the FAQs and don’t hesitate to post your questions on our chat!


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